Technology Uplifting Poultry Industry in India

In 2020 Covid-19 hit the world, and it wrecked almost every business. It also impacted the poultry industry severely. There was a decline in demand which lead to losses. Also, the rumors and misinformation about poultry produce being a source of the virus were spreading on social media. It impacted the demand and consumption of poultry products like eggs and chicken. 

Due to these misconceptions, the losses faced by Indian poultry amounted to USD 236 million between January and March 2020. In addition to this, over a million small poultry farmers and half a million people working in the poultry industry became unemployed. 

There was news that farmers were burying their chickens alive because commercializing them was not the option. The producers of poultry feeds also faced losses because the farmers canceled the feed order. It was a tough year for poultry.

Poultry Industry: The current scenario

The poultry industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. In addition to this, India is the fourth-largest producer of chicken in the world after China, Brazil, and the US. The poultry sector in India, in three words, is growing, large, and highly organized. The worth of the poultry sector in India is €14.5 billion. 

As we all know, all that glitters is not gold, the poultry India is the third-largest producer o eggs in the world after China and the US. Industry seems flourishing still faces many challenges, and there are many areas where the poultry industry needs improvement.  

The problems that the poultry farms face in India is overshadowed by its worth and the act that t is the third largest sector. So in this article, we will discuss the major challenges the poultry industry in India is facing today, Covid implications on poultry, and a solution that can overcome the challenges.

Impact of Covid-19 on Poultry sector in India

Problems that Poultry Industry is facing

We have discussed the covid-19 implications on the poultry sector but, there are many other problems that the poultry farms in India generally face. Let us look at these major problems.

Financial Problem

Financial problem is not only faced by poultry farmers in India, but it is a problem that affects 80%farmers globally. It is a fact that capital is a major factor for success. It determines how well a poultry farm is equipped. Financial assistance helps farms grow faster. There is no need for huge investment to begin a poultry farm. But gradually, when the operations as the farmers grow their business, they require capital.

Untapped International Market

Indian poultry is a flourishing industry but only in India. The Indian poultry is still could not access international markets. As the international markets are untapped, they are unable to unlock their potential. The reason behind this is the inadequacy of cold storage and warehouses that is affecting the poultry sector.

High Mortality during transport

In India, there is a dominant live-bird market. People prefer to purchase fresh chicken and eggs, and the demand in live-bird markets is high. The reason for the high demand in the live bird market is that there is a mortality risk associated with the transportation of live birds. It is another major problem that many poultry farms face.

Lack of Management & Maintenance

Management is the essence of every business. The management of people, processes, machines, money, and money is crucial for the success of any business. Also, the maintenance of environmental conditions is crucial because it affects the quality of chicks and eggs. Any compromise with hygiene and temperature conditions can increase mortality rates.

Decline in Quality of produce

This problem arises due to the deeding problems and improper maintenance of hatchery conditions. Feeding problems and lack of condition monitoring and control have a straight effect on the quality of the chicken and eggs. It is a major problem that the Poultry industry faces. If the poultry produce does not possess the nutritious value it is ought to have, then it decreases the demand and sale of their produce.

What’s the Solution?

Every problem has a solution, and there is a solution for the poultry industry that can help in overcoming its major challenges. The ideal solution for poultry is technology. The integration of technology will modernize Indian poultry farming and will deliver the best results. There are so many latest technologies available that can bring efficiency in operations. 

Incorporating the latest technologies in poultry will directly or indirectly help in overcoming the major challenges in poultry. 

The Ideal technology for Poultry farms

Internet of Things (IoT) is a gift of technology for poultry farms. IoT, in simple words, is a system of interconnected objects that can transfer and collect data over the internet. Without human intervention, these devices can help the poultry farmers in monitoring their processes.

There is a need to maintain temperature and humidity in poultry farms for hatchery operations because any irregularity can lead to a decline in quality or the death of chickens. So what’s the action to be taken?

Simply by installing an IoT system, the farmer can monitor the temperature and humidity condition on their mobile phone or any other device. Also, real-time alerts and notifications relating to the hatchery conditions and anomalies help the farmers in minimizing risks of wastage or loss in production.

We have discussed the mortality risk in the transportation of chickens. But with an IoT solution, it is not a problem. IoT solutions also help in the maintenance of eggs and chicken during transportation. The IoT device can be installed inside the transport facility, and the concerned person can regularly monitor the condition remotely.

Investment in IoT solutions is a profitable decision. If you install an IoT system on your farm, you can minimize labor costs and also reduce wastage in production.

The data is readily available, and the farmers can access the data reports anytime and anywhere.  Also, IoT device stores data related to all the processes, and this data can be presented in analytical form. The analytical reports of data can help the farmers in making informed decisions.

How poultry business benefits by integrating technology?

Reduce Labour

The farmers reduce the access to labor that and replace them with technology. The farmers can maintain a balance between technology and labor. Also, the farmers can minimize the cost of employing labor. Minimizing extra costs can help the farmers in getting better returns.

Increase productivity

When the processes become more efficient, then there is less wastage in production. Also, with technology, the poultry business can achieve quicken their processes which saves more time and effort. These factors improve the productivity of the poultry business.

Improve quality

Quality of produce plays a major role in the profitability of the poultry business. Technology like IoT brings efficiency in the production processes and maintains environmental conditions like humidity and temperature. These factors improve the quality of the chicken and eggs and increase their nutritious value.


There is a solution to every problem, no matter how difficult it seems. Technology can help poultry farmers in overcoming major challenges. Also, today technology is helping many businesses to flourish and cope up with covid19 implications. The poultry farmers who faced severe losses can integrate technology to steer their business productivity and profitability. 

If you are looking for a technology solution for your poultry business, then PoultryMon is the name that can fully transform your processes. PoultryMon is an IoT device that helps in remote condition monitoring and control of your hatchery processes, cold room facility, and weight management. Transform your poultry into smart poultry with PoultryMon.

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