Iot solutions transforming poultry into Smart Poultry


Internet of Things is benefitting almost every industry today, be it automobile, agriculture, finance, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and much more. The reason why most industries use IoT solutions is because of the benefits it serves. IoT solutions give real-time access to information, bring speed to business operation, and save ample time and help many industries overcome their major challenges. One such industry is the poultry industry, where IoT solutions are improving the operations and turning them into smart poultry. 

Let us understand how poultry is turning into smart poultry using IoT solutions. But first, let us understand what IoT solution is.

The Internet of Things (IoT) means a bundle of technologies that are integrated seamlessly through the internet, collecting and sharing data. It is basically a network of physical devices embedded with sensors, software, actuators, and electronics that connects these objects and interchanges data. Businesses can purchase these technologies to create new organizational value and overcome challenges in managing data, inventory, or production.

Poultry in India

India is one of the world’s largest producers of broiler meat and eggs and holds the sixth position across the world poultry market. Poultry meat, especially chicken, is most popular in India, and that’s the reason it is the fastest growing industry in India. The poultry sector also offers jobs to many farmers because of various activities and operations in poultry farming, and it is their daily source of income. So, it is clear that it is a flourishing industry.

IMARC group experts predict that the Indian poultry market to grow at a CAGR of 15.2% during 2021-2026. 

But, this flourishing industry still has some challenges to overcome, and that’s why there is a need for smart poultry using IoT solutions.

Major Challenges of Poultry industry

The major challenges that farmers face in traditional poultry farming are:

Lack of technical knowledge

The major challenge in poultry farming is the lack of technical skills in poultry farming. There are several aspects of poultry farming that require thorough knowledge. Lack of knowledge means lack of production and eventually lack of returns. 

Health condition of chicken

Chicken meat is the major source of animal protein. In poultry farming, the returns majorly depend on the quality of chicken which further depends on the health of the chicken. If the environmental condition is not apt, then it can impact chicken health. Despite proper arrangement of environmental conditions in poultry farms with ventilation, cooling, and lightning, the farmers face problems in maintaining the good health of the chicken.

Challenges in Feeding

Keeping track of feeding is difficult for farmers. They really can’t tell if all the chickens are fed well or not because there are too many. Also, they don’t know where the food on the tray depletes while feeding the chicken. Feeding the chicken right is essential and is linked to the health of the chicken, which is another challenge we already discussed.

 Loss in production

The loss in production links to the discussed challenges. If the health of the birds is not good and if the environmental conditions are not suitable and the chicken is not fed well, then it will eventually lead to a loss in the production of the chicken.

Smart Poultry using IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions can develop India’s Poultry Farming sector, and it can help farmers to shift from manual poultry to smart poultry farming. An intelligent network and data processing system can create a new Poultry farming infrastructure in India. But the question is, how?

So, in this section, we will discuss how IoT solutions can help in creating smart poultry.

Real-Time Data 

The poultry farmers can obtain data on a real-time basis. They can check the yield in real-time. It means the farmers can monitor the data whenever they want to and check if the production is going well or not. Moreover, the farmers can get this real-time data on any device like mobile or laptop. 

Data Management

Data management in poultry is as essential as it is in any other sector. The data of broiler farms include the number o birds, feed, mortality, production, and much more. With IoT solutions, the farmers can record the data, store it, and process the historical data for any query or information.

Data Analysis & reports

All the data related to production and other aspects are presented in intuitive form with the help of charts and graphs so that the farmers can review it and analyze it for better decision making. The farmers can review reports metrics like production, yield, efficiency, etc.

Remote monitoring and control

There is a thing about the Internet that you can access information from anywhere. Through regular alerts and notifications on linked devices, the farmer can receive all the information remotely. Also, the IoT devices help the farmers take control and monitor data from far away. 

Advantages of Smart poultry using IoT solutions

What we usually look for before shifting to any technology solution is the benefits it serves. So, here are the benefits of poultry industry can receive with IoT-based smart farming.

Modern Approach

IoT-based smart poultry is the modern approach in poultry that is much needed. The IoT solutions can replace the manual traditional farming practices with intelligent farming practices. We are experiencing revolutions and innovations in It industry. Businesses using technology solutions and embracing technology, so the poultry sector should also take its part in following the technology trends.

Improve Accuracy

The manual poultry farming practices might give some inaccurate information because there are always chances of human error. When a data management system stores and processes the data, it increases the accuracy of the information, and it helps in better decision-making.

Increase Production

The introduction of IoT in poultry majorly impacts one area, which is production. This impact is surely positive because IoT solutions speed up operations and increase the rate of production. Technology saves time by saving the farmers from doing the grunt work for hours on the farm. Smart poultry farming brings efficiency to production.

Control Damages & Reduce wastage.

IoT-based farming helps the farmers in reducing wastage and minimizing damages in production. With smart monitoring and control devices, the farmers can be alerted on any peculiarity in the production process and save them from any damage or wastages. 

Low cost with Better returns

People often resist investing in any technology because they fear that it would not give great returns and would be complex to handle, but these are just misconceptions. But IoT solutions in poultry farming can bring impeccable results in terms of production. It is a low-cost solution, once installed, would increase your ROI.


It’s 2021, and it is an era where we are experiencing innovations and technology revolutions constantly, and it is time to embrace the technology and adapt to such changes. Poultry farming in India is still lagging in the race of adapting to technological changes. 

 IoT solutions are gradually transforming the farms into intelligent farms, leaving the traditional approaches behind. Poultry farming is a flourishing sector, and innovative IoT solutions can take India’s poultry market at the top position worldwide.

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